Hi, I'm Martin

Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I am a software development and design leader working in pursuit of a fun and independent web. I help top teams solve ambitious problems using code, design thinking, product principles, thoughtful communication, and a healthy dose of humour. I think of myself as an engineering + user experience wildcard.

The best way to get in touch with me is via email. You can also connect with me on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

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I currently work at Shopify as a Staff Developer (prev: Engineering Manager) where I have:
Previously, I:
  • founded Low Tide Consulting, where I had the pleasure of working with clients including The Globe and Mail and top Canadian startups including Float, ORx Surgical, and Vote Compass (Vox Pop Labs)
  • Led front-end development company-wide for seed-to-sale software used by 80% of the Canadian Cannabis industry during legalization; scaled the front-end development + design practice by more than 4x while shipping enterprise tracking software, medical patient ecommerce, fulfilment center tooling, and an open-sourced Vue.js component library
  • taught modern JavaScript, CSS, React, and advanced topics to hundreds of coding bootcamp students at Lighthouse Labs from 2016—2020

I am also a conference speaker, design thinker, software developer, people leader, dog father, coffee snob, LEGO enthusiast, and unashamed fantasy Survivor™ player.